Project one process

This is my progress on the wearable object project one. What started as a way to wear your nail extensions instead of gluing them to your nails has turned intern idea for a tactical nail ring. The talon will be decorated with hearts and flowers, inspired by girly y2k style, but the party talon is to provide a comfortable weapon for females to have desperately on their person while getting from point A to B safely. In short, it's a cute accessory that you can gouge someone's eye out with if need me.

Repsonse to Paola's Keynote

conceptual slow manufacturing.
Design theorizing.
 These are some of aspects of design that stuck out to me during Paola's talk.  Thinkering reminds me of a more intense and applied version of a method that Jim Jipson talks about a lot, "mushing." Mushing is when you do something physical with your hands as you work/talk/conceptualize a project or study, it is a way of adding more physicality to thinking. Conceptual slow manufacturing is such an interesting way to present a project, a project that purposefully may not come to fruition for longer then a simple or boiled done process would generally take for the sake of making the processes of a project more or just as important as the product produced. My friends and I talk a lot about project processes and how they can lend themselves to a piece as well as having the processes be the piece rather than the ultimate produce. I have actually seen Ai Hasegawa's "I wanna deliver a dolphin" project, a…

Materializing info response

It is inspiring to learn about all the spaces 3D printing can and is being shared and used to further the creative application of the tools.   "The current developments in 3D printing and digital desktop fabrication technologies are opening novel ‘spaces’ for fabrication to occur. For example, as 3D printers drop in both size and price, they are becoming more common in homes, schools, and small businesses, potentially transforming those spaces into micro ‘factories’."This past year, I learned that there are online spaces where models and codes are open sourced. These spaces where sharing what you've made in hopes to help others with what they are making as well as learn together encourages/ inspires me. It is encouraging to know that there are online communities who share their work for you to pull from and not have to know how to do it all at once. It is helpful while inspiring me to look into how they created such things by watching tutorials and examining their code, …

Thoughts on Printspace 3D

3-D printing is changing the way we manufacture, the way we consider what can and can't be made " in-house," and how creative we can be. The fusion between man and machine is seemingly unlimited, even with the current limits we face. The fact that "brain waves can be recorded and used to dictate sculpture" is astounding. We are fusing technologies and innovation to expand the meaning of creativity as well as creating assessability.

A post-Scarcity economy?

I don't know if a post-scarcity economy is possible, or at the very least, not completely in my lifetime. But a machine that is able to " bring manufacturing and near immediate delivery to common spaces is incredible to see the forefront of. The potential I immediately think of is affiliated with online ordering, for example, clothing samples for sizing choices. This theory gets me excited behind a potential of re-using waste materials to produce commodities/art.

Image reference Library wearable objects



In the first week of class, as always, the first day was a shortened class consisting of syllabus jargon and explanation on how the class should be run as well as student expectation. Very exciting. The second day of class we talked a little about the history of 3-d technology and its applications across the board from everyday commodities to fine arts. The latter half of the class was spent going over the basic functions of our 3D modeling program, Fusion 360. Here are some notes,,,

Tutorials on Fusion 360 CAD: computer-aided design Fusion 360 is generically solid modeler. Almost everything you make will be a solid, have to adjust for any open faces. Fusion is a parametric program. It creates a timeline in your work. You can roll the timeline back to adjust things and when you roll back, all measurements based off of that adjustment will also be adjusted To share projects, go to project details and invite via email. Central mouse roller key is zoom, roller down is pan, roller down+shift i…