Chimera final progress


Chimera progress

I want to rescan my body now that I see how textures and gestures transfer over, I should redo the heads so there is less problem areas, and I need to make mechanisms that the wings can be held on. I had to remove the cutout

Regalia image bank



Week 6 reflection

We talked about project 2 in depth and played on mesh mixer during class. I was introduced to open-source model websites like : free open source repository My concept for project 2 is leaning towards fantasy creatures combined with the fantasies that I have for myself and my online persona, "Howdy Pouty."

Class reflection week 5

2/5 Notes Mesh Modeling Direction of face(normal) Coplanarity: (triangles that are adjacent will share a wall) Command+middle is zoom in/out Middle mouse button is pan Left mouse button is orbit Be aware of open mesh icon, half sphere, the program will do math for you. Closed sphere is closed mesh Command A selects the entire object Model triangling number should be at least around 250K NEW PROJECT 2 Consider applying the theories Eisenstein’s methods of montage to the assemblage of chimeras 2/7 Notes More mesh model notes Space bar hold down optimizes workspace Shaders to change object color to work in(base shade will allow to see outside normal and inside normal colors) Pend is add to work place replace it to rplace in work space